Thank you so much for your prompt same day service. Great job!

Ann W.
Yuba City, CA
When we received the invoice on the well you blew and cleaned, it was way less than what you quoted us. That is unheard of anymore. Thank you very much for that and the two wells you drilled for us. They are excellent wells. We will recommend you HIGHLY to other people wanting wells.

Tim J.
Thanks for a job well done!!!

Ken B.
Carlos, MN
You installed a water softener and a salt delivery system in our new home on Lake Ida. I want to thank you and let you know how wonderful our water is now. The water softener was worth every penny. The salt system is great also. I still can't believe that we will never have to lug around another bag of softener salt. What a great idea! Again, thanks for your expertise in water treatment.

Mike S.
Thank you for all your help and great service. You are terrific!

Paul K.
I recently had a good deal of trouble with my 17 year old water system. Calling your firm resulted in a quick response. You are very knowledgeable & personable. You gave me a complete explanation of everything & left the choices to me. They were quite easy to decide once I knew the scope of the problem. All of the information turned out to be valuable & my water system is functioning fine now! I have always thought of "Water Wizard" as just a slogan but it is much more than that.

John C.
Alexandria, MN
Thanks for the nice work and quick response. We have been out to the lake place several times and the system works great.

Marty H.
Villard, MN
We wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the well installation you did for us at our cabin on Lake Miltona. We origionally became acquainted with you at the fair grounds. You responsed very timely in drilling in the winter and the installation after a very very wet spring. Don spent many late hours helping us and did a "super" job.

Bob S.
Plymouth, MN
Just want to thank you & let you know the water softener has been working great since you repaired it. No more rust. Your services are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Janice D.
Alexandria, MN
Just a note to say how much Jack and I appreciate the expert job you did on our lake home's well system. You were always there when you said, you finished and cleaned up in top speed time. The job was donewith pride, the price was right and we are totally satisfied.

Jack & Joan D.
Thank you for the excellent service of replacing our damaged well pump this summer. Great job!

Roy N.
Well gang, You take a lot of pride in your work, and it shows. Thanks for the great job you did.

Frank T.
St. Paul, MN
The Step Saver is a wonderful service! Thanks!

Chub & Jan H.
Thank you for your fast, professional and quality service in my well installation. I will be happy to endorse you to all who want such service. Again, thank you. It was a pleasure to meet young hard working men willing to accommodate a customer's needs in such an efficient manner.

Norman S.
Alexandria, MN
I would like to thank you for your prompt and your ongoing wonderful customer service. Not just with Step Saver, but with all other services available through your company that we have used. It is nice to know you have genuinely nice, knowledgeable owners & employee's. Your office personnel should also be commended and applauded for great work.

Tim E.
Garfield, MN
Just a note to thank the crew who put our well in on such short notice. The effort was greatly appreciated and helped us in our time of need. Don promised water on that Monday and Boy did we get it!! We will not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

Pat C.
South St. Paul, MN
I am a resident at the condo you came to on Saturday. We could not believe how hard and long you and your crew worked to restore our water. It is so easy to take water for granted.

Roland B.
Alexandria, MN

Minnesota water well drilling truck

Water Well Drilling

Klimek Brothers Well Drilling is a full service water well drilling company and will handle all your residential well drilling, agricultural well drilling, commercial well drilling, industrial well drilling and municipal well drilling projects including well cleaning, well rehabilitation and well abandonment. We are licensed and bonded to drill wells in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. We are located in Alexandria Minnesota and drill wells in the central lakes area, but with our expert well drilling knowledge, friendly & prompt service, attention to detail and reasonable prices, we are in demand in the tri-state area and are happy to create new lifelong satisfied friends and customers. If you need any well related service, call us today!

Water Right water softening and water conditioning system

Water Conditioners and Water Softeners

Klimek Brothers Well Drilling offers a full line of quality residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial and municipal water conditioning systems and water softening systems from Water Right. Contact one of our water professionals and we will set you up with the Water Right water conditioner or water softener to meet your needs and solve your water problems. We provide systems for deep water wells, shallow water wells, sand point wells or city water. We service the Alexandria Minnesota Central Lakes Area.

Water Right reverse osmosis drinking water system

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems

Klimek Brothers Well Drilling offers a full line of quality residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial and municipal revese osmosis drinking systems from Water Right. With a Water Right reverse osmosis drinking system, you will have pure, odorless, clean tasting water all the time. Contact one of our water experts today to find out about one today! We service the Alexandria Minnesota Central Lakes Area.

Step Saver Salt Delivery System

Step Saver
Salt Delivery System

With the patented metered Step Saver Salt Delivery System, we can deliver bulk salt at a very competitive price to your home, business or other structure without anyone entering your premises. No more lugging heavy salt bags. We service the Alexandria Minnesota Central Lakes Area.

Oxy Blast

What is Oxy-Blast?

OxyBlast is a unique water treatment and purification system with a family of natural products for agriculture, livestock, well water, ponds & lagoons, residential, municipal, and commercial applications. 

~Clean,  nutritional, water is our passion and Oxy-Blast is the solution!~

Efficient, economical, organically approved water treatment made from premium grade Hydrogen Peroxide; for residential, commercial, municipal, agriculture, crops, well water, dugouts, and much more.  OxyBlast is highly effective in well disinfection, cleaning water systems, eliminating the negative effects of chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants. NSF certified and USDA organic approved.

Oxy BlastOxyBlast is a proprietary USDA organically approved homeopathic formula made with the highest quality Hydrogen Peroxide available.  Quality products give you quality results. Oxy-Blast’s “proprietary formula” is inducted by our own unique process. The quality of the Hydrogen Peroxide is extremely important. Inferior quality products contain fillers to make them seem more economical, however, they are far less effective and you will have to use more.


What is Hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a powerful yet versatile oxidant. It is safe and effective and has been widely used for a variety of applications, especially in water treatment and purification.

How could you benefit from safe, clean, clear water?

Water is a major foundation that all plant and animal life needs to survive and thrive.  Safe pure water is essential if you want your animals to be healthy and grow at their maximum potential.  This is where Oxy-Blast can help.

Why should you use “OxyBlast”?

OxyBlast has a proven track record and is currently available in a 34% and 50% concentration for just pennies a day per head. As a matter of fact, tests have been done with feed conversion. The result? OxyBlast increased profits, even after calculating the cost of the product and additional incidental costs on some operations. Ask your Klimek Bros to show you the test results.

 For additional information see the Oxy-Blast Brochure.

 Please review the literature.  If you would like to discuss Oxy-Blast or want to order, give us a call at:




'Wow does this product ever work! Production is up, costs are down, and the livestock is happy. Thanks for everything Zak. We will spread the word.'  K. Brothers Dairy, Alberta

'In June of this year, we installed an Oxy Blast system in my home in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I was going to start selling Oxy Blast with my dad and needed to be able to tell others what it has done for my home. The first thing we noticed was the brown scum that came out. We could not believe this is what we had been drinking for several years. The toilets cleaned up. No longer does my wife have to clean the bowls. We also turned off our water softener. Our water is that good! No longer do our two boys have to bathe or shower in chlorinated water and we don’t have to drink it. I believe the Oxy Blast in our drinking water is making us feel better. And this was municipal water here in Cedar Falls that was supposed to be good. Well, now it is. I now can tell my customers what Oxy Blast has done for my home and family.' -Tim Janssen

'We recently purchased an Oxy Blast system.  We love it!  We have 100 beef cows and 4 bulls, 4 hens, 2 horses, 2 dogs, and 3 cats.  Everybody drinks water now with Oxy Blast.  We have had it for about 1 month.  I have a pony that has chronic yeast infections in her hooves.  I have tried cream, soaks, and feed additives to help her, but nothing really actually worked.  Since the addition of Oxy Blast to our water her hooves are amazing!   They actually are starting to look normal.  Before Oxy Blast she would stand with her hooves together, like she was standing with all four feet in a pail, and lean forward.  Trying to get her weight off of her frogs.  She would also be very tender footed on hard packed or frozen ground.  Now she stands normally and walks on pretty much any surface with comfort.  I can’t believe the difference it has made by just the addition of it to the drinking water I have not applied it topically to her feet. I was wondering how does Oxy Blast work as a dewormer?  Do the worms die from the extra oxygen in their environment? Thank-you for giving my pony her life back!' Sincerely, Tanya Carlson

“Farmers Feed Cities” so remember, “Eat today … Thank a Farmer”

Step Saver Salt Delivery System

Step Saver Salt Delivery SystemWe are proud to offer the Step Saver Salt Delivery System to the Alexandria Minnesota Central Lakes Area.  This patented metered salt delivery system delivers bulk salt at a very competitive price to your home, business or other structure without anyone entering your premises.  You are only charged for the salt that is used.  No more lugging those heavy Salt bags! Whether you purchased your water softening and conditioning system from Klimek Bros Well Drilling (the clean water experts), or others such as Culligan, Rainsoft, Lindsey - Ecowater Systems, Knetico - Water Doctor, Fleet Farm or Menards, the Step Saver Salt Delivery System will work with your system.

What are the advantages of the Step Saver?

  • No need to be home for delivery.
  • No delivery personnel entering your home.
  • No heavy bags to carry.
  • No running out of salt.
  • No need to worry about running out of salt.

A Step Saver InstallationHow does the Step Saver work?

Salt is blown from the outside of your structure right into your softener salt tank.  You are placed on a regular delivery route and therefore, Klimek Bros can keep track of the amount of salt used and keep your water softener or water conditioner filled.

Step saver outside connectionStep saver installation

This is the most convenient, secure and environmentally friendly way to keep your water softener or water conditioner filled.

Step saver installationStep save installationStop lugging heavy bags of salt and call us today at:



Klimek Bros Salt Delivery Area

Our salt delivery route includes Alexandria, Minnesota and the surrounding Central Lakes area including Ashby, Barrett, Bertha, Brandon, Browerville, Carlos, Clarisa, Clitherall, Dalton, Eagle Bend, Elbow Lake, Evansville, Farwell, Forada, Garfield, Glenwood, Henning, Hoffman, Holmes City, Kensington, Leaf Valley, Long Prairie, Lowry, Millerville, Miltona, Nelson, Osakis, Ottertail, Parkers Prairie, Starbuck, Sauk Center, Urbank, Villard, Vining, Wendell and all other places in about a 40 mile radius of Alexandria.  If you are not sure that you are in our area, please give us a call to find out.

If you still wish buy your salt in 40 lb bags, Click Here to go to our solar salt page.