Commercial Water Softeners and Water Conditioners



Klimek Bros Well Drilling proudly offers commercial water softening and commercial water conditioning products from Water Right®, a leader in quality water conditioning technology.Water softeners and water conditioners are cost effective and provide many benefits. Water softeners save you money in the long run because they extend the life of your hot water heater, reduce or eliminate mineral scale and rust build up in your pipes and plumping fixtures, most household appliances that use water such as a coffee maker will last longer and it takes less soap to get clean clothes. Other non cost benefits of softening your water are clothes are easier to clean, less razor burn when shaving, less soap build up on your skin so your skin stays softer and healthier, and your hair will be cleaner and healthier. We offer a full range of water softeners for everything from wells with high iron content to water conditioners that will condition city water.

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Klimek Bros provides full service water system support and our expertly trained water technicians will come out and diagnose your water problems and requirements and provide a lasting solution to satisfy your water needs.

Our professional technicians can handle residential, commercial, and even industrial requests in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We have seen it all. Call today!
Commercial Water Softening and Conditioning