Well Abandonment



Klimek Bros Well Drilling provides well abandonment services. We will help you abandon your well by handling your project from start to finish. We will manage all the required paperwork, contact utility locating services if required and seal your well to best protect our ground water in compliance with state regulatory guidelines.
Unsealed or improperly sealed water wells may threaten public health and safety, and the quality of the groundwater aquifers. The proper abandonment or decommissioning of a well is a critical final step in a water wells service life.

What does “proper abandonment” mean?
A properly abandoned water well is a water well that has been cleared, plugged, and sealed by a licensed well contractor. 

Do not try it yourself! 
The sealed plug must be constructed to fill the well hole for the length and diameter of the well. Merely capping an abandoned well is not enough to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Why should I properly abandon my well?
Unused water wells that are not properly abandoned leave open holes in the ground. These holes are dangerous. People (especially children), pets, and wild animals can get hurt or trapped after falling into an abandoned water well. These holes serve as direct channels for contamination into your groundwater. Unsealed water wells allow contamination to pass straight through to a drinking water source used by you and likely many people.
As a well ages, the casing may rust, joints may leak, the pump may become stuck in the well, or the well may fill with debris. If the well is covered with boards or concrete, the cover will eventually decay and break open. Surface water runoff, debris, and other contaminants can then enter the well.
Contamination, such as chemicals and bacteria, may enter the water well through the bore hole from the surface environment. These open holes in the ground may also have been used for trash and hazardous debris. The only way to eliminate dangerous conditions and groundwater contamination from unused wells is to properly abandon them.

What does the law require?
By law, a water well must be in use, under a maintenance contract or be sealed by a licensed contractor. 
A well must be sealed if:
  • The water well is not in use
  • The water well is contaminated
  • The water well has been improperly sealed in the past
  • The water well threatens the quality of the ground water, or
  • The water well otherwise poses a threat to health or safety
Klimek Bros Well Drilling has helped many customers abandon water wells throughout the Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota tri-state area.  We follow all regulatory requirements for your state, have proper equipment and always follow best practices to assure a professional safe job.

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We are water well abandonment experts as well as experts in all water well related work and look forward to helping you with your project. We are licensed and bonded for all water well related services in the Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota tri-state area. We specialize in satisfied customers.  We have an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. We are the experts, 'The Water Wizards!'

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