South Dakota Well Drilling


Klimek Bros. Well Drilling Inc. has been serving South Dakota for over 20 years! Need a new well in the northeast South Dakota area? 

Klimek Brothers Well Drilling does all types of water well drilling and provides other related well drilling services to all parts of South Dakota. 

We have drilled many residential water wells, agricultural water wells, farm irrigation water wells, water wells for your commercial or industrial business, and municipal water wells for counties, towns and cities. Our expert staff has drilled many wells in South Dakota and are knowledgeable about the aquifers and experienced in well drilling throughout the state. Whether you have a small well for your rural home, a medium sized well for a farm or business or a large thousand gallon per minute well for irrigation or industrial application, Don and our experienced professionals will handle the job. Klimek Bros will manage your project from start to finish including permitting, contact utility line locators, drilling your well, testing your water and hooking up your water lines. Klimek Bros Well Drilling follows all best practices for water well drilling to insure safety and protect our ground water and aquifers.

From water well design, gathering required permits, contacting utility line locators, drilling the well, water testing, and getting all your water lines connected for a long-lasting water service, Klimek Bros. Well Drilling will handle all your water needs from start to finish. Call today to get your free consultation.
South Dakota Well Drilling
South Dakota Residential Well Drilling

Residential Well Drilling

Klimek Bros Well Drilling has been drilling residential wells for over 15 years and will handle your well drilling project from start to finish including water well design, getting all required permits, contacting utility line locators, drilling your well, developing the well, well water testing and hooking up your water lines.
South Dakota Agricultural Well Drilling

Agricultural Well Drilling

Whether you are drilling a well for crop irrigation, livestock watering, or general farm use, we are the experts and here to help.
South Dakota Commercial Well Drilling

Commercial Well Drilling

Our experts have been drilling commercial, industrial, and municipal wells for over 20 years. Restaurants, plants, retail stores, and more. We will handle your commercial water needs.
South Dakota Water Services

And More

Proper abandonment, well repair, maintenance, restoration, geothermal installations and more. Call today for a free consultation.